Dance forms of Rajasthan

In Rajasthan, dance forms are a significant part of people's lives and are performed on special occasi6ons and festivals. Each dance form has historical and cultural significance, and they are lively, vivid, and energetic.

Bhavai Folk Dance

Bhavai folk dance is a traditional dance performed by both men and women belonging to Kalbelia, Jat, Meena, Bhil, or Kumhar tribal communities of the state. The dance involves balancing eight to nine brass pitchers or earthen pots on their heads as they dance.

Chari Folk Dance

Women from the Gujjar ethnic group perform the Chari folk dance. The Chari dance style depicts the everyday life of Rajasthani women by having them bear a brass pot on their heads.

Chakri Folk Dance

Women from the Hadoti region's Kanjar tribe perform the Chakri folk dance. Chakri dance is defined by a sequence of incredible fast-spinning movements.

Fire Folk Dance

Men from the Jasnathis of Bikaner and Churu district perform a fire folk dance. It is only done on the Hindu festivals of Janmashtami and Holi. Drum beats are used to perform fire tricks during the dance.

Gair Folk Dance

On the occasion of Holi, both men and women perform the Gair folk dance. Gair dance is performed by striking sticks, moving in circles, and taking turns in between.

Ghoomar Folk Dance

Ghoomar is a Rajasthani folk dance performed by women on the occasion of marriage. The dancers move in circles in a gentle and graceful manner.

Gawri Folk Dance

The Bhil tribe's Gawri folk dance is a drama that they stage in various villages in September and October. This dance drama features only men. They reflect people's affection for trees, animals, and folklore.

Kacho Ghodi Folk Dance

Shekhawati men perform the Kacho Ghadi folk dance. The dance style is performed solely for the purpose of entertainment. It's accomplished with a dummy horse.

Kalbelia Folk Dance

Women from the kalbelia group perform kalbelia folk dance. The dancers wear black skirts that spin and imitate the serpent's movement. The songs are based on mythological and folklore tales.

Kathputli Folk Dance

Kathputli is a puppet-based performance that not only entertains but also addresses social issues. On festive occasions, the Kathputli folk dance is performed in Rajasthan.

Terah Taali Folk Dance

Women from the Kamad group perform the Terah Taali folk dance. The dancers sit on the floor with dozens of manjeeras wrapped around their bodies and hit them with the one in their hand.