RF Chapters

Rajasthan Foundation was set up under the chairmanship of the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Rajasthan, on 30th March 2001 as a result of the discussions held during the deliberations of the successfully organized IRC-2000.

The objectives of the Rajasthan Foundation are to strengthen and renew the bonds between Non-Resident Rajasthanis (NRRs) and the state of their origin, Rajasthan, to facilitate participation of Rajasthani Diaspora in the development of the state of Rajasthan and the welfare of its people, to promote the well–being of NRRs living in the different parts of the country and the world, and to provide a forum for, and facilitate a process of, continuous communication and interaction between NRRs, the State of Rajasthan, and its various agencies.

In order to strengthen the interaction with eminent Rajasthani Diaspora and to seek their participation in the socio-economic development of the State, Rajasthan Foundation has established its chapters which are as follows:

Sr.no Within India Outside India
1 Coimbatore New York (USA),
2 Chennai London (UK)
3 Kolkata Kathmandu (Nepal)
4 Ahmedabad
5 Surat
6 Mumbai
7 Bangalore
8 Hyderabad
9 Indore

Total Chapters = 12

Sr.no Name of the Chapter Name of president
1 Coimbatore Shantilal Kant
(since 13.2.2002)
2 Chennai Kailashmull Dugar
(since 13.2.2002)
3 Kolkata Vacant
4 Surat Gajanand Malpani
(since 16.8.2003)
5 Bangalore S. N. Agarwal
(since 16.8.2003)
6 Hyderabad Vacant
7 Ahmedabad Vacant
8 Mumbai Vacant
9 Indore Arun Mehta
(since 24.9.2013)
10 Indore K. K. Mehta
(since 16.8.2003)
11 Indore Vacant
12 Indore Binod Chaudhary
(since 24.9.2013)
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