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The objective behind establishing Rajasthan Foundation, emphasises the importance the government places on non-resident Rajasthani (NRRs) Rajasthanis living outside the state in aIndia and abroad..

The organisation serves in building bridges between NRRs and Rajasthan. Would you like to give back to Rajasthan ? Would you like to visit and see your motherland? Do you have a project that you wish to set up in the State ? How about hosting your next event in Rajasthan, like a wedding? The possibilities are endless and we need you!



Rajasthan is the largest state in India in terms of land area. With an average annual growth of 11.6% in GSDP, it is one of the fastest growing states in the country. It is the second-largest producer of mineral and crude oil. It is also among the largest producers of edible oils and oilseeds. Rajasthan is blessed with natural beauty and has a rich history, making it one of the most popular destinations in India for both Domestic and International tourists. Major attractions include forts, lakes, national parks, desert tours and the cultural heritage of Rajasthan.


  1. Shares border with five major states in northern, western and central parts of India.
  2. East access catering to nearly 40% of the market by population.
  3. Nearly 39% of DMIC passes through the state. It also leads to 60% of the area and 80% of the population being under the Project Influence zone of DMIC.
  4. Forms 25% of the total National Capital Region (NCR).


  1. 3rd largest network of roadway connectivity in the country.
  2. 8 Economic Corridors pass through the state out of 44.
  3. Good domestic and international flight connectivity.
  4. Availability of multi-nodal logistic parks and various inland container depots.


  1. 2nd largest mineral producing state in the country
  2. Largest reserves of Marble, Feldspar and Potash; Sole producer of Zinc and Lead.
  3. Massive potential in Solar and Wind Energy.
  4. It is enriched with a wide variety of crops and animal husbandry.

Gas and Oil Grid

  1. 2nd largest producer of Crude Oil.
  2. Eighteen districts have a supply of Natural Gas via the Gas Grid.
  3. Gas grid benefits energy-intensive industries like Ceramics and Glass to help them save costs from 10 to 80%.
  4. New gas pipeline projects in construction to connect the remaining districts.

Industrial Land

  1. The largest state in the country, covering 10% of the total landmass.
  2. RIICO has developed nearly 350 industrial areas for setting up industrial units.
  3. Well developed infrastructure provided with all the necessity of the industry and Special Economic Zones (SEZs)

Skilled Manpower

  1. National level awards for Skilling initiatives for three years.
  2. Emerging hub for higher education; a total of 83 universities.
  3. Qualified individuals from various engineering, polytechnic and ITI colleges.

Policy & Incentives

  1. State offers a wide range of fiscal and policy incentives for businesses.
  2. The Rajasthan MSME act 2019: Demonstrating the Ease Of Doing Business and policy exemption for budding enterprises.
  3. Rajasthan Industrial Development Policy and Rajasthan Industrial Promotion Scheme for various benefits to the industries.


  1. One of the most visited states by foreign tourists.
  2. In 2019, it attracted 52 million domestic tourists and 1.6 million foreign tourists.
  3. c. Major attractions include historical cities (Jaipur, Udaipur), wildlife sanctuaries (Sariska, Ranthambore) and deserts (Jodhpur, Jaisalmer).
  4. Other attractions include various community hubs, Palace on Wheels, UNESCO heritage sites.
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