Non-Resident Rajasthanis are a natural extension and an integral part of Rajasthan with their own set of unique needs and capabilities. Government of Rajasthan is responsible for the welfare, growth and empowerment of the NRRs as much any other group domiciled within Rajasthan . Rajasthan Foundation (RF) has been established by the Government of Rajasthan to address the unique needs and concerns of people of Rajasthani origin living outside Rajasthan , in other states within India as well as places outside the country and strengthen bonding and relationship with the State . The Foundation seeks to provide NRRs with the right platform to engage with their motherland which can go a long way towards generating mutual benefits for the people of Rajasthan as well as NRRs.


Establishing, strengthening and sustaining the relationship between Rajasthan and its Diaspora, in particular preserving culture, heritage and identity of its people residing in other states and abroad, and creating the conditions for participation and contribution of NRRs in social, economic and cultural development of Rajasthan


  • Strengthen and renew the bonds between Non-Resident Rajasthanis (NRRs)  in India and abroad and the state of their origin, Rajasthan,
  • Connect to Global and Indian NRRs to bring them closer to their roots, culture and heritage  and  enhance belongingness to their homeland,
  • To provide a forum for, and facilitate a process of, continuous communication and interaction between NRRs, the State of Rajasthan, and its various agencies.
  • To mobilize and integrate Rajasthani Diaspora in the socio-economic development.
  • Promote welfare and  well–being of NRRs living in the different parts of the country and the world, and in time of crisis identify specific problems of NRRs  and coordinate with the State and Government of India.
  • Create mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships between our Diaspora and their homeland by tapping into the Diaspora resources in terms of knowledge and resources in economic, social and cultural areas,
  • Conceive & implement effective schemes and conduct various programs to achieve the above goals

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