Activities of Rajasthan Foundation

  • Increasing outreach to NRRs who are desirous of contributing to the development of the State via investment, skills transfer, trade, tourism and other goodwill initiatives.
  • Serve as a liaison between the different departments of Government and NRRs (non-resident Rajasthanis).
  • Organizing Trade and Investment shows and other social and cultural events
  • Matching and Linking Diaspora ideas and concepts to Government initiatives
  • Trade and Investment Facilitation and offering advice sections to address individual concerns ranging from business setup, land registration, queries and offer institutional support for individual initiatives and projects
  • Advocacy for increased participation for the Rajasthani Diaspora in State initiatives for socio-cultural and economic development of State
  • Develop a website and comprehensive database of Rajasthani Diaspora.
  • Organise road-shows and tours to selected states and countries with large number of Rajasthanis to sensitize about government policies and engagement strategy.
  • Facilitate dialogue with Rajasthani Diaspora to share knowledge and transfer best practices across social and economic sectors.
  • Engage young generation of Rajasthani Diaspora and maintain their connection with the State.
  • Carry out publicity/awareness campaign in the media, both conventional and social.
  • Raising awareness of Rajasthani culture heritage and promoting Rajasthani language among Diaspora.
  • Giving recognition to efforts and achievements of Rajasthanis Diaspora and celebrating the successful personalities of Rajasthan.
  • Developed structured interventions and schemes to channelize philanthropic contribution by NRRs in various projects in the state.
  • Develop schemes and programs for welfare of the migrants from Rajasthan
  • To take up other such activities as may be entrusted by State Government.
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