National Freedom Struggle in Rajasthan

The Rajputana states were crushed in the 19th century, either by the Maratha Power or Pindari attacks. Lord Wellesley took interest in the Rajput-Maratha affairs to safeguard British interests in India. Against the Marathas, he planned a joint friendship with Rajputs. Over time, the British and Rajputana signed many treaties and agreements. The revolt of 1857 is often described as India’s first war of Independence. Mangal Pandey, a 34th regiment soldier, revolted at Barrackpur cantonment. Rajasthan was one of the rebel states that actively participated. Naseerabad (Ajmer), Devali (Tonk), Erinpura (Pali), Kota, Kherwara (Udaipur), and Beawar (Ajmer) were among the cantonments that took part in the revolt.

Influential freedom fighters of Rajasthan

Sagarmal Gopa

Sagarmal Gopa was a democrat and freedom fighter from Rajasthan, India. In 1921, he became involved in the non-cooperation movement. He opposed the rulers of Jaisalmer's anti-people policies at the time. In Jaisalmer and Hyderabad, he was expelled. He continued to work for democracy even though in exile. On his return to Jaisalmer after his father's death in 1941, he was arrested on May 25, 1941. For years, he was tortured in jail. On April 4, 1946, he was burned to death in the prison.


Rao Gopal Singh Kharwa

The Rajputana state of Kharwa (near Ajmer) was ruled by Gopal Singh. He was a Rathore Rajput by birth, and he was adamant about maintaining the Rajput ruler's responsibilities to his subjects at all costs. For organizing a revolt against the British, he was sentenced to four years in the Todgarh Fort.


Pratap Singh Baharat

Pratap Singh Baharat was a Rajasthani freedom activist. He was a key figure in India's revolutionary movement against British rule. On December 3, 1912, he took part in a revolutionary attempt to assassinate Lord Hardinge, Viceroy of India. He was arrested in the Banaras Conspiracy Case and sentenced to five years in prison in February 1916. In Bareilly Central Jail, he was subjected to cruel torture in order to compel him to reveal the names of his fellow countrymen, but he curtly declined. On May 24, 1918, he died in prison


Daulat Mal Bhandari

Daulat Mal Bhandari was an Indian freedom fighter and Chief Justice of the Rajasthan High Court. He was a member of the first Lok Sabha. Bhandari was an active participant in the fight for independence. In Jaipur, he formed the "Azad Morcha" and staged a satyagrah in 1942. He was held captive for nine months. He also founded the ‘Praja Mandal' in the state of Jaipur. He assisted in the rehabilitation of refugees from Sindh and Western Punjab during India's partition. In 1955, he was appointed to the Rajasthan High Court as a judge, and in 1968, he was promoted to Chief Justice.

Other freedom fighters of Rajasthan are Vijay Singh Pathik, Motilal Tejawat, Swami Kumaranand, Ladu Ram Joshi, Balwant Singh Mehta, Devi Shankar Mehta, Jugal Kishore Chaturvedi, Ganesh Lal Vyas ‘Ustad’, Balmukund Bissa, Mohan Lal Sukhadia, Haridev Joshi, Thakur Kesari Singh Barhath, Arjun Lal Sethi, Ram Narayan Choudhary, Hira Lal Shastri, Manikya Lal Verma, Jamnalal Bajaj, Jainarayan Vyas.
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