Music of Rajasthan

Rajasthani music is about using beautiful rhythm and words to lyrically describe their love for the forest, animals, water, everyday lives, emotions, and stories. Rajasthani music encompasses a wide range of practises, such as folk dance and storytelling.

The Bikaner Gharana, Jaipur-Atrauli Gharana, and others are among the music gharanas. Every part of Rajasthan has a different type of music. Maand is one of the Rajasthani singing styles. Women have created Panihari music to express the shortage of water.

Stringed instruments such as the Ektara, Morchang, Sarangi, Rwanhattha, and Kamayacha, Percussion instruments such as Nagaras, Dhols, and Damrus, Flutes and Bagpipes such as the Poongi, Tarpi, Been, and Shehnai, and Traditional instruments such as the Thali, Bankia, Baara, and Ghoralio are used.

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