Major Dynasties

  1. Empire & Pratihara of Mandore Dynasty
    Gurjara ruled many parts of northern India from 550 to 1018 AD. Raja Harishchandra Pratihara was the founder of the clan. Gurjara – Pratihara had a unique approach towards administration & execution, as they divided the state in different chunk as per their convenience. Due to this efficient technique, they were able to defend India from Arabs attack. Sculptures, carved panels, and open pavilion-style temples are some of their most significant features.
  2. Pratihars of Bhinmal
    In the Gujara-Prathira, King Vyaghramukh of Bhinmal was the most efficient. Chapas was the name of the Gurjara clan that ruled at Bhinmal. Raja Nagabhatt I was the founder of the Bhinmal branch of Pratihara, and in the Battle of Rajasthan, he formed a triple alliance with Jaysimha and Bappa Rawal to defeat Arabs.
  3. Guhil Dynasty of Mewar
    Chittorgarh, Rajsamand, Udaipur, Dungapur, and Banswara were all part of the Mewar dynasty. Initially, the region was referred to as Medhpath. The Guhil Dynasty was founded by Guhil. To defeat Arabs in the Battle of Rajasthan, Bappa Rawal formed a triple alliance with Nagabhatt I and Jaysimha. In 1303, Raja Ratan Singh Rawal was the last Guhilot king to rule, and Rani Padmini stage the first Jauhar in Chittor.
  4. Chauhan Dynasty & Chauhan’s of Shakambhari
    The Chauhan’s had formed dynasties at various places including Chauhan’s of Shakambhari, Chauhan’s of Ranthambore, and Chauhan’s of Jalore. Chauhan’s of Shakambhari Vasu-deva founded the Shakambhari of Chauhan’s in 551 CE. Harshnath temple in Sikar was built by Govinda Raja. Arno Raja defeated Turkish invaders and built Ajmer's Anasagar Lake. The Chauhan territories were extended by Vigraha Raja, who also took Delhi from the Tomaras. In the first battle of Tarain in 1191, Prithviraj Chauhan defeated Mohd. Ghori.
  5. Chauhan’s of Ranthambore
    The Chauhan branch of Ranthambore was established by Govinda Raja IV. He acknowledged Ghurid suzerainty and ruled Ranthambore as a vassal state. In the Battle of Ranthambore in 1299, Hammira-deva Raja defeated Allauddin Khilji's army led by Ulugh Khan and Nusrat Khan. Allauddin Khilji invaded the kingdom again in 1301 after defeating the Hammira-deva Raja.
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